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How I Tried to Lose My Virginity and Gorg Gluten Free Dessert that is Good For You! (plus my nutmilk recipe)

When I was in 7th grade I had one of those crushes that simply consumes you, on a Senior boy…dream big. Did it matter that my haircut had been done in the kitchen at home and that my chest resembled mosquito bites…no, it did not because nothing can stop love. Every day during study hall […]

Bad Acid Trips and My Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free Taco Wraps!

If you find yourself in a meeting at a major network to pitch your reality TV show idea, it’s def a good idea and highly advised that you  share your bad acid trip story from the 90’s, assuming you have one. That’s what I did and then viola! The TV exec said, we are gonna […]

I Auditioned To Be a Stripper/Here is My Raw-Vegan-Gluten Free Oatmeal Recipe

I couldn’t decide if I wanted my next blog entry to be my famous Raw/Vegan/Gluten Free Oatmeal recipe or if I wanted to share the story of the time I auditioned to be a stripper in the early 90s and then I realized, wow…. the two really work wel…

Yes I Deleted You

I feel confident that my message leading up to the Presidential Election on my social networks was very clear to all that saw it; the message being:If you are supporting a presidential candidate who is actively seeking to ensure gay Americans and …

If you can’t throw stuff away, I can help you.

CLOSET CLEANSE by Lady Gaga wait she is not available this week…. CLOSET CLEANSE BY GALADRIEL MASTERSON! Most of us have closets and drawers stuffed ( w a y t o o ) full. Often, our closets are crowded with clothing, shoes and accessories that no …

Put My Balls In Your Mouth

Prepare to die.I am so effin serious.I am about to bestow upon you my raw, vegan, gluten free Cacao and Coconut Truffle Recipe.Listen to me people, these small black balls in your mouth are low in carbs and calories, are an appetite suppressant an…