Yes I Deleted You

I feel confident that my message leading up to the Presidential Election on my social networks was very clear to all that saw it; the message being:

If you are supporting a presidential candidate who is actively seeking to ensure gay Americans and their families will lose what little rights they currently have, you are not my friend.

As a gay American, a woman and an animal activist, I am devastated, angry and deeply depressed that anyone who would call me a friend would have given that candidate support, I consider this to be an act of bigotry as well as personal betrayal.  I do not believe you would ever want to see harm come to me and fortunately for me and the 16 million gay Americans and the 10 million children of LGBT families in this country, your candidate did not get the chance to turn his intentions into actions.

Our values are what define us and what we will live and die for; for me Equal Rights is a non negotiable and is a deal breaker.

This is not about finances, taxes, health care or social security. During my 40 years on earth I have seen all those things go thru stability and instability; this is about human rights. When the economy is down all of us gays will still be looking to protect our partners, property, assets and children. When the economy is up, all of us gays will still be looking to protect our partners, property, assets and children. Human Rights trump everything else.

This is a blog that I could go on and on about. I could give you a million examples of how my life would have down turned in a shattering way had your candidate won. I could detail a fiscal report of what it cost a homosexual couple in legal documents and fees to create something even remotely close to the 150 rights and responsibilities every heterosexual couple gets when they sign a marriage licence or have a birth certificate issued for their newborn.

I heard from a friend that her family member was devastated I deleted her. Imagine how devastated I felt when I learned that although she loves her gay friend she was going to vote for someone that would eliminate all gay friends and gay friends rights. It was not easy for me to delete anyone, it created and caused significant sadness and anxiety.

I am gonna keep this one short. I have said what I desire to say and I do not wish to debate. Either you are with me or you are against me on the issue of Equal Rights. I have no wiggle room and no grey area on this issue.

Galadriel Masterson