If you can’t throw stuff away, I can help you.

CLOSET CLEANSE by Lady Gaga wait she is not available this week….


Most of us have closets and drawers stuffed ( w a y  t o o ) full. Often, our closets are crowded with clothing, shoes and accessories that no longer fit our bodies or our lifestyles.  This closet clutter can consist of outdated trends, unflattering cuts and/or stained or damaged pieces that we intend to fix…on the Fifth of Never.  The thought of clearing these spaces can be paralyzing for many people.

Enter Galadriel Masterson, Wardrobe Stylist, 16 year Fashion Industry Veteran and Closet Cleanser.

Galadriel arrives at your home and spends 3.5 hours with you, whipping through your main closet and drawers. Galadriel’s razor wit will have you laughing as you allow her to guide you with the bossiness of an all-knowing big sister. Her patience, understanding and fortitude never waver even in the most chaotic of closets. Galadriel identifies what items are no longer serving you, what items you should never be seen in again, what items are frenemies and then exits them into bags for giveaway or donation. Galadriel also helps you see your winning pieces in a whole new light and pairs together a few key looks for work and play from your newly cleansed closet. Closet Cleanse is for purging and redefining.  A few days following your cleanse, you receive an email with a list of new pieces you need for your wardrobe and where to find them at fantastic prices. The final email from Galadriel arrives 30 days after your cleanse to double check/remind you that the giveaway pile or donation bags must now be out of your home.

No closet is unsavable, no wardrobe too daunting. Galadriel is the ultimate guide into helping you let go of what doesn’t serve you and clear space for what will. Closet Cleanse is like ten therapy sessions but for your wardrobe and how you view it and feel about it.

“I find with many clients, the stained and ill fitting, ex boyfriend’s, college tee is identified as ‘oh I wear that to the gym’. However, I say, “You could meet the love of your life or your next big client at the gym and this tee does not reflect the image you wish to project to either of those perspective possibilities. Instead how bout you scrub the toilet with this old tee!”

I also frequently find people are not able to let go of something because it is a designer label or a gift; but guess what; that label or the intention of the gift does not automatically make it look good on you, baby! And that is what Closet Cleanse is all about: to have a closet and drawers full of flattering friends. “You would also be surprised at the unwearable underwear and sock drawers…I insist that all undergarments are ready to be seen, touched or pulled off by anyone at anytime, same goes for sleep/lounge wear!”

Testimonials from Happily Cleansed Clients….

 “ Galadriel’s closet cleanse saved my life! I had paralysis when it came to the task of purging my wardrobe and clearing the clutter. She streamlined not only my clothing, but also my life!” – Tracy, Celebrity Makeup Artist

 ” I had long thought of hiring a personal shopper, but wasn’t sure I’d find anyone who could work well with my personal aesthetic and need for “comfort”.  My trusted hair stylist recommended Galadriel, and I took the plunge.  Galadriel is hugely talented, incredibly efficient and tons of fun to spend time with.  I was amazed at what we accomplished in a single session.  Friends and colleagues noticed and commented on my style and increased confidence. The closet cleanse was incredibly helpful.  I am no longer overwhelmed or disappointed with my wardrobe choices.  It takes me half the time to choose my outfit and get out the door in the morning.  I wish I had found Galadriel years ago.” –M. Gerard, Enterprise Content Management

 “ About an hour into my closet cleanse Galadriel helped me realize over half my wardrobe was made up of unflattering old items I claimed were for walking the dog or running to the deli. She helped me see I could let these old things go and wear cute jeans and even cuter but comfortable shoes to walk the dog.  I loved too how she took things I had only worn one way and showed me their versatility and new ways to put things together that I already owned!” –Danielle, Photographer

 “ I hired Galadriel to help my boyfriend because it is a lot easier to hear from someone other than your significant other that the baggy light wash denim you wear every weekend needs to be thrown out! My boyfriend also hates to shop but her follow-up email gave him specific items all available online! I love how my boyfriend dresses on the weekend now, he still looks like himself, just a cuter more stylish version!” –Jake, Actor

 For Fee and Availability info contact Galadriel at GaladrielMasterson@gmail.com

She is excited to hear from you!