Put My Balls In Your Mouth

Prepare to die.
I am so effin serious.
I am about to bestow upon you my raw, vegan, gluten free Cacao and Coconut Truffle Recipe.
Listen to me people, these small black balls in your mouth are low in carbs and calories, are an appetite suppressant and are anti viral. Yes, putting my balls in your mouth is like taking medicine, baby! It’s like I am Jesus or something, riiiiiight.

Anyhoo, here is what you do if you want my balls in your mouth.

You will need

*A maj blender, I suggest the Vitamix. I recently got one and it was like going from a Honda to a Mercedes.
* Raw Cacao powder
* Coconut Oil
* Agave (or you can use six medjool dates finely chopped both agave and dates will sweeten for you darling)
* Organic Vanilla Extract
* Pinch of Sea Salt
* Unsweetened, Organic, dried, shredded Coconut.

If you plan to make this, set your coconut oil out a few hours before so it becomes a liquid.
In your gorgeous blender I want you to put in 1/4 cup of coconut oil, 1/2 cup of agave (or your six medjool dates), Sea Salt, 1 teaspoon of vanilla and a half cup of shredded coconut. Blend until smooooooooth.

Toss into a bowl a cup of raw cacao and stir in your newly blended above ingredients. Really blend this mixture. Then put in the fridge for about a half hour to 45 minz to “set” the mixture.

Go watch Season One of In Bed With Galadriel at www.youtube.com/galadrieltalk. After you have watched each episode and repeated your fave episode or two as well as left glowing comments on the channel page and become a subscriber; then and only then will it be time to pull the truffle mixture out of the fridge and make balls. If you choose to do something else during the 45 minute chilling setting process I can only say a prayer for you and hope nothing bad, and I mean really bad happens to you. Better safe than sorry, just watch In Bed With Galadriel during this crucial time.

On a plate sprinkle a 1/4 of raw cacao. Now take tablespoon sized amounts of your cooled truffle batter and roll between your hands making truffle balls. Roll the ball around the plate, coating it with cacao powder and set aside on some showey display plate.
Note: if the batter doesn’t not behave and submit between your hands into balls it needs to go back to the dungeon, I mean fridge and sit and think about its errors until it is ready to play nice.

This recipe will yield about 20 gorgeous black balls which you will keep in the fridge until you serve and wow your friends and coworkers with.

Here is the why on how putting my balls in your mouth will change your life:

Raw Cacao is chocolate before it becomes processed aka still holds all the healing properties of the cacao bean. Raw Cacao is an appetite suppressant, an anti depressant and aids in digestion as well as fights fatigue.
Coconut Oil actually increases your metabolism, and it is anti viral and anti fungal…got an infection, well then, you better have some coconut oil!
Kids, when you read about the healing powers of Chocolate, that is actually a fib; it is the unprocessed raw form: Cacao that is the healer. Raw cacao is to chocolate, what brown rice is to white rice, ya feel me dog?

Alrighty, blessed readers of my blog, enjoy getting skinny and being happy while eating this sweet yumyum.
Love, Galadriel