Kult of Kale Followers: the newest OMG MAJ GORG Kale Chips Recipe

Ya know the kale chips you see at Whole Paycheck? The ones in the small clear plastic box? The ones you need to get a low interest mortgage from an equal opportunity lender in order to buy? You do? They are sooooo good, right? I agree and now you don't have to break the bank cuz I know how to make them and I am gonna teach you kitten!

I am providing a sound track to blend and bake by just a new song I am loving called YOU the artist is Nabiha. And guess where I heard it…hello MobWives the hit VH1 reality show, where I hear all my good new music!

1. Soak 1 cup of Raw Organic Cashews in cold water for 2 hours in a glass bowl. (if you are thinking huh? whut? just do it cuz this is gonna be the start of many a recipe I share and booboo they MUST me raw 100 and three million percent must be raw)

2. Now go watch my talk show, In Bed With Galadriel on www.youtube.com/galadrieltalk and then read thru every blog I have ever posted at www.galadrielmasterson.posterous.com
Once you have completed these two tasks not only do you feel richer, younger and even more slender and toned but your cashews have soaked long enough and you are totes ready to throw them into the blender.

3. Take a gorgeous crisp organic red pepper and remove seeds and membranes and add this pepper to your cashews

4. Throw in a quarter cup of quarter cup of water.

5. Juice a lemon, add the juice to the everything else si vous plait.

6. Now add a 1/4 cup of Nutritional Yeast. Side note if you are an athlete, vegan, a drunk, have the blues or are any combo of the aforementioned; nutritional yeast is your new best friend. Nutritional Yeast has  the b vitamins you need to replenish your lil body and spirit. Also it is a complete protein, full of amino acids and basically taste like a salty yumyum cheeze. Don't make me explain everything, just google it.

7. Alright puddin, you are ready to hit blend! ( ps I use a blender but you could just as well use a vitamix or food processor, babies choice)

8.  Get yourself a cookie sheet redz to go and wash your beautiful Lacinato Kale (this flat kind is best for kale chips; trust me, I am the president of the Kult of Kale)

9. Now booboo get your hands dirty…scoop out your gorg reddish goo you just made and slather the front and back of each individual piece of kale and lay gently on your cookie sheet. Do not stack them on top of each other kay? Some prissy types might prefer to put the goo in a big bowl and stir the kale around in it with a big wooden spoon then pull em out and place gently on the cookie sheet…no judgements, make it your own.

10. Place your kale chips into your preheated 350 oven and bake em for 25 minutes, now flip them and bake em for ten more minz. If for some odd reason they are not cripsy: lower the heat to 200 and bake with the door slightly ajar for another ten to twenty minutes…watch em baby if you burn em you are gonna be majorly P.O.'d.

11. Yumyum it's time to enjoy. These kale chips are soooo good you are gonna wanna make more and bring em to work or to a friends house just to bragslashshare.org/isthatcrime


You by Nabiha