Carb n Sugar Free Mousse aka Galadriel’s Magical/Carb Free/ Dessert World.

Dear Reader,

I, Galadriel Masterson am clearly an, Angel on the Earth; first and foremost because I am a lezberry. As everyone knows and the jealousy is evident everywhere, God only makes his true stars into homosexuals. But anyway, that has nothing to do with my next statement and that is this: I prefer it, if you read my blogs in an accent or character of my suggestion. In this blog about a magical dessert, that won't make you look big as a barn, I suggest you assume the voice of, Miss Dolly Parton. But a slightly tipsy Dolly. Dolly on two glasses of Chablis. I am including one of my favorite Dolly numbers, Potential New Boyfriend. PNB was Dolly's,1983 hit, in case you were wondering. And hey, just for shits and giggles (cuz that's what happens to me when I eat cheese) I am including Dr Hook and the Medicine Show's 1979 International hit single, When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman. Whether you are LGBT or Hetero I hope my recipes will make you or someone in your life feel like a beautiful woman.

I know many of you struggle with that ole sweet tooth but none the less, you still wanna look Hollywood. I can help you be Hollywood 24/7/365.

Now this recipe, which may not be the most photogenic girl in town, but I gurangoddamntee ya she will make ya feel real happy.
Don't say, "what the eff !" and freak out when you read the ingredz. Just effin try it and stop screaming damn it.

You will need

1/4 cup of organic fat free ricotta cheese, yes I am saying, ricotta cheese. Just leave your antiquated ideas about ricotta in yesteryear and step into Galadriel's magical,
carb free dessert world.
2-3 tablespoons of organic vanilla extract
Cinnamon powder
1 tablespoon Unsweetened chocolate baking powder if you please.

Stir these all together or shit child just do the vanilla/ricotta or vanilla/cin-cin/ricotz
Now taste..OMG riiiiiight! It taste like mousse don't it, Puddin? (puddin is your nickname in this blog not to be confused with the mousse you are creating.)

Lemme tell ya somethin else, you can throw it in the freezer for an hour and hello frozen yogurt.

All in All: one serving will have about 2g of Carbs, 1 g of Fiber and 8g of Protein and 2g of Sugar. Hello.

AMAZEBALLS RIIIIIIIGHT! You owe me big time for this one you lil bitch. Love, Galadriel Layla Masterson

Potential New Boyfriend by Dolly Parton