Hey Hey Johnny

I don't know how to blog about 9/11 cuz it was way to huge for me to down size it into language.  I had a friend who died in the towers.

Back in my band days, my first band, Candy Ass was a very sassy, driven, all girl power pop punk quartet. We had two brother bands…The Toilet Boys and The Bullys. The three bands toured together, played local shows, helped each other with recording sessions, filled in each others bands if someone got deported or went to rehab and hung out together. We all wanted to be famous, we were all pretty young and it was non stop practical jokes and over the top humor mixed in with rock n roll.

The Toilet Boys were already rock gods. They played shirtless covered in sweat and skin tight jeans. The Toilet Boys had pyro technics, a fire breathing rock god named Sean and tons of rhinestones. Their lead singer was called, Miss Guy with a killer body, long blond hair, high heels, makeup and a big dick.

The Bullys reminded me of a tougher version of The Ramones. They all grew up in Brooklyn and Queens and worked day jobs like firefighters. On stage they wore black tee's, black jeans and converse and sang about their love and respect for Sluts to three chords on the guitar.

Johnny Bully aka John Heffernan was the leader of that pack and he was a firefighter and he died on 9/11. It still chokes me up all these years later. I remember going to the funeral with Theo of The Lunachicks and since there was no body in the casket I had this twisted hope that maybe he was still alive and soon to be found in the rubble. Johnny was married to a great girl and together they were raising her daughter.

My band and I wrote a song for all the people who were waiting for their Johnny's to come home. We called it Hey Johnny.

Last weekend I was out at the Rockaways just enjoying a bundled up walk on the beach with my girlfriend and my dog…imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw this sign.
Rest In Peace Johnny Bully, you have not been forgotten.


Hey Johnny by Pretty Boys