GaladrielTalk/ A helpful guide to speaking my language

A helpful guide to speaking my language.

Lezberry: fun, chic lesbian. God's favorite creation.

Berry: a quick, easy, full of flavor way to say Lezberry. " Waaa, I wish I was a berry I am so sick of men."  (As adapted my fave cougar Joy Haines)

Macro bi carnivorous: a person who identifies and eats as a macrobiotic but occasionally enjoys meat and cheese.

Fone-a-phobic: being anxious, terrified or resentful of the fone ringing, voice mails, or of people who encourage you to communicate via the old fashion fone call.

Gorg: love it, sooo good, wonderful. "Sars, but I look gorg in these new shoes."

Sars: sorry. "Oh girl, sars he turned out to have such a small wiener."

Girl: lady, sister, woman, babygirl.

J'adore-able dingdong: used to describe something you love that is super cute; such as the lil teeny tiny gay boy singing Lady GaGa's number one hit, Born this Way. You watch him on youtube with a single tear streaming down your facialized cheek and say, "Hello, J'adore-able, Dingdong" side note: if in a hurry just day J'adore. Simply means you love.

Jazzed: excited. "Ooh I am jazzed about the shoot I am doing Saturday."

Razzed: majorly p.o.'d  "Okay kid, you wanna see me get razzed, keep pushin my buttons"

Kid: not used to describe a kid, used to describe a peer or someone slightly older than yourself. Only used to address other adults.

Totes: totally

Anyhooshal/Anyhooper/Anyhooper Street: use anytime you would the word, Anyway.

DelisherzvilleLite: means delish. You can add zville or zvilleLite unto any word this is an oldie but a goodie ala Ben Cho.

Son: just one of your homies "This kale is delisherzvilleLite, Son"

Mith: short for Mither which is a play on Mother, which can used in place of Mami or Mom but never to your bio mom. This is used in reference to your close, close homegirls, the ones like sisters. Maybe you are texting a dear friend dating advice and you say "Listen Mith, he is totes a douchebag and I think you are cray cray to see him again or put his wiener in your pie hole"

Amazeballs: a congratulatory word on how major something is. "O.M.G. this spaghetti squash is amazeballs, who needs carbs!"

Major: top of the game. "I found the one, her name is Mandy and she

is major."

Boom!: as in, this is perfect and/or done. For example, you are workin out a cute look and you find just the right sunglasses, put em on and say BOOM! Or lets say you are searching the cupboards for a bag of Honeybush tea you find it and exclaim, BOOM! Or you use metaphysics to find a parking spot or a taxi and when the parking spot or taxi appears you turn to whomever you are with and say BOOM!

Cunt: soooo chic, soooo money, soooo major and gorg. (It is strongly advised by the author to discontinue all use of this word in the derogatory name calling sense. For Reals.)

Malarkey: bullshit behavior or thinking.

Hello: in this sense hello is not being used as a greeting but as an agreeing exclamation point. "Mith you have been going to spin every day, that's major" and the response is, "Hello." Use this language in place of expressive finger snap and dip.

Cuntastic: use it as an effervescent version of fantastic. You have to be cunt to use this word.

Fantabulous: fantastically fabulous.

Kale: the dark leafy green vegetable beloved by the cuntastic. Raw or cooked Kale is always Cunt.

Fag: used as an adjective to describe a fashion sense or swagger of a lezberry who is feeling the whole androg thing. "I am gonna put this grunge boot with it to fag it up a bit." (said the lezberry on her way to a major cunt gorg dinner party.)

Bee's Knee's: the snakes hips, the shit, the, something you J'adore. "Oh you have to do have David Tabbert do wardrobe on your film, he is the Bee's Knee's."

Puddin: sweet pea, honey, kitten, sugar, lover. A way to address people in the workplace. Always say Puddin in a southern accent. Also, the only name I use in reference to my flawless, fantab, cuntastic assistant, Blake Glover; the orig Puddin.

Carbs: No.

Hinickery: up to no good, like malarkey but hinickery is an action whereas malarkey is a thought. For example, you come home and your pug has pulled toilet paper and dirty tampons out of the garbage and you shout, "Sunny Masterson, what is this g.d. hinercky? Your old Mother is majorly razzed, Mister!"

GaladrielTalk: a twitter page reflecting the life and spontaneous thoughts of Galadriel Masterson.  A language used to maneuver thru a the fast paced, urban life of a lezberry working in media and fashion.

GaladrielTalk is a registered trademark of GaladrielMasterson Inc. 2010. Thank you in advance. Oh, You're Welcome.