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Galadriel’s Homemade Dog Food

Hey Kidz,

There are lots of homemade dog food diets out there to choose from as a concerned consumer/dog parent. My recipe is not the end all be all; but I have been making it for 5 years for three dogs and have seen incredible results, so I feel pretty darn tootin about it. (side note darn tootin is a popular expression from my hometown Brandon, Vermont population 3000)

If you choose to make your dogs food, you will most def notice within two weeks of the first delisherzville bite that your dog has tons of energy, his coat is shiny and soft and his lil figure is trim. I personally eat organic and super healthy. I only use organic products in the health/beauty department so it just makes sense to me that my dog should as well. Especially, cuz I want my babydog to live a long, healthy life. Yes, selfishly I want my puggie and I to be together as many years as possible cuz ya know receiving unconditional love, adoration and cuddles 365 days a year is pretty much what life is about aka My pug doesn't care if I am broke or a baller, a size zero or a size 22, if I have wrinkles or a face full of botox…he just loves me all the time, all the ways I am.


I grew up being irrationally scared of dogs. But close to ten years ago on a gorgeous spring afternoon I met the pug puppy that changed my life, Mr. Ozzy Labeija. I took one look at him and quite literally knew I could not live without him. You see, I was one of those girls whose biological time clock wasn’t ticking, it was barking. After I became a pug mama I began to look at all dogs differently; I would look into their eyes and see their precious lil spirits and I no longer felt any fear. My second pug came to me at a time when I wasn’t quite ready, or so I thought. Same story second time around, I took one look at him and knew he was “the one”. I adopted Sunny Masterson and he brought with him unconditional love like you have never experienced and funny enough, with his arrival my life began to change and fill with incredible luck and good people.

I am and always have been that kind of dog mom who walks her lil guys four times a day, gives a great beach or park experience 1-5 times a week, weather permitting and plans my daily schedule around my dogs needs. I have studied and implemented Cesar Milan’s training concepts and highly encourage all to do so for the happiness of their dog. I belong to a pug meet up group which is like a crack den for pug lovers. I love being a pug mom! These days I am extra lucky, as is Sunny, cuz we have my girlfriend’s half pug/ half boston to add to our pack! Sunny and Boo could not be more different but they are 100% best friends. As I type this they are both squished up together next to me…hello heaven.

I do not present myself as a dog expert or dog food expert. But I do know this, if my pug spends his life eating organic food prepared just for him with love he is gonna lead a long and healthy life.

Sooo anyhooshal, lots of people have noticed how healthy, shiny and energetic all my dogs are and have asked for my dog food recipe. Instead of sending it out every other week via email I thought lemme just blog about it!


(Please buy all organic. With organic you are not cooking and serving pesticides and genetically modified food. The organic ingredients serve the purpose of this pristine, long life, optimum health diet)

6-8 pounds of ground turkey dark meat
4-8 pounds of ground beef lean
8 sweet potatoes
3  heads of kale (the darker the better in terms of which variety)
1 bunch or bag of carrots
1 bag of spinach
1 bag of string beans
6 zucchini and/or summer squash
Seaweed flakes…I suggest Kelp.
Calcium powder (1 tablespoon for every pound of food you cook) options to add…4 apples, 1.5 cups of blueberries, 1 cup of broccoli

You Will Also Need:

One huge stock pot with steamer and lid.
1-2 Large Frying Pans.
Thick rubber gloves to wear while mixing food after prep, to protect hands from high temp of food.
12 wide mouth large mason jars with lids. (trust me you need the wide mouth for filling, the regular mouth mason jars are a lil biatch)
Chopping board and a great knife.
And MOST IMPORTANT you need really good energy and thoughts while you cook this food as your energy is going directly into your dogs body. I never process my shit or stress while I am cooking that is my time to dream, affirm, zone out. Shit, I even put on a vintage play list of hits from yesteryear; nothing like a lil Elton John or Carol King to make you feel all woo woo.


From start to finish this will take about three hours: from the first chop til the counter is wiped clean. Lemme say it again: very important to be filled with calmness and love while preparing. No gossip, no stress, no anger.

Put all meat into stockpot and/or a frying pans with a bit of olive oil. Constantly chop with a wooden spatula so it is crumbled through out cooking. When done set aside in a large bowl to cool.

(be warned your dog is now an active presence in the kitchen don't be shy to accidently drop a few pices of cooked meat on the floor)

Cut sweet potatoes and carrots into bite size pieces steam until just tender. Place in bottom steamer of stockpot.
Cut seaweed into teeny pieces with kitchen scissors, mind you, it expands when it cooks so I mean teeny people! Put the seaweed in with the sweet potatoes, as seaweed needs a while to soften.

Half way thru the cooking of root veggies add into the top steamer string beans and zucchini. This is the time and place to add broccoli if you are adding that. I choose broco as an add on cuz yes it is low glycemic but in some dogs causes gassy discomfort.
Then add spinach and kale for just a few minutes. Remove.
Then apples and blueberries for just a few minutes. Remove.

You want everything to be mushy but not overcooked cuz then you lose nutrients.

When everything has been cooked put it all into the stockpot set in on the counter and let it cool. At this time add the calcium…tablespoon to pound ratio on the calcium bottle.


After it has cooled a bit (say about 45 min) put on the rubber gloves and use your hands to mix this all together, blend well. Yes I have tasted the dogfood; before the calcium this is yummerz human grade food…sure I would add hot sauce but that is just me.

Let it cool now to room temp. When it has cooled spoon it into the mason jars. Fill almost to the top leaving a lil room for it to expand cuz it will.

Do not put lids on and do not put the dog food into the mason jars until just below room temp. Let them all sit out to below room temp before you put lids on and put in freezer. If you rush this part the food expands too much and cracks the glass leaving you with inedible dog food filled with broken glass.

Once cooled put one in the fridge for current use and the rest in the freezer for the upcoming weeks.


When you serve this food to your dog each day heat it up just a bit in a saucepan. Dogs don’t like cold food. I use a small cast iron skillet cuz that just adds extra iron to this already amazeballs food.
You will notice your dogs coat will feel like silk, his bowels will be healthy, very little gas, his energy will be like a sporty lil post puppy.


 Dogs digestive tracks are designed to quickly digest and use animal protein. I do not use grains cuz they can stick around in the digestive track for while before a dog breaks it down therefore slowing metabolism, weakening immune, can irritate the intestines causing inflammation, gas etc. Carbs can be super taxing on your dogs kidneys. An exception to the rule is steel cut oatmeal cooked especially if  added to the food for an older dog who has a tuff time maintaining regular bowel movements.

Note: Please feel free to consider other meats  based on what kind of kibble worked for you. Many people love for their poochies: ground lamb or ground venison or salmon.

Veggies should only make up about 35 percent of this food the rest is meat. Lets not forget, no matter if we are hardcore vegans or big ole meat n cheese lovers our four legged soul mates are full blown carnivores. I cook with beef and turkey as they are the most commonly beneficial meats for a dog, mine included. The veggies chosen for this recipe are low glycemic veggies: dark leafy greens like kale, zucchini and green beans. Dogs do not do well with hi glycemic veggies or fruits. Dogs don’t have the easiest time breaking down veggies so steam them really well till they are super soft that way too, later when you put on the rubber gloves and dig into the ingredients you can mush them up with your hands.
I keep the carrots and sweet potato in the food for the vitamin c. The sweet potato keeps the stools healthy however they are high glycemic veggies and too much can cause gas, weight gain, yeast problems (if your dog has yeast you will first  see coffee ground looking stuff in the ears and constant head shaking and/or pawing at the ears.)

Fruits are usually high glycemic but good ole apples are not feel free to add them to this recipe or save for a treat. Side note: Cucumbers are a great low glycemic treat. However I really embrace lamb lungs as organ meat is what my dog needs for energy unlike mama who needs her kale, tofu, beans and quiona for energy!

A lil plain greek yogurt can be added once in while to your dogs food…they love it and it is a great source of calcium if consumed once in a blue.

Once a week I give my dog a scrambled egg mixed in with some organic kibble for his first meal….this keeps his coat super shiny and soft.

Seaweed is great for dogs and people…although it taste salty it is not high in sodium therefore won’t harm your lil pup. On that note no ham or bacon the sodium is harmful.

There are several foods which offer controversy I prefer to err on the side of safety when it comes to my dog. If your dog consumes the following foods over a long period of time some fatal side effects can occur. No raisins, grapes, tomatoes, avocados, onion, chocolate, caffeine and garlic.

You may want to serve half this food and half kibble to keep your dogs teeth healthy or supply your dog with knee bones, knuckle bones etc.. Seriously, who has had luck brushing their dogs teeth. That’s what I thought, about three people in the whole universe. Natures toothbrush for dogs: raw bones with some raw gorgeous organic meat on em. I buy six for $9. One bone will keep my dog really busy and satisfied for an hour. I then put it back in the freezer to be re met again on some lucky day. After an hour of chewing I have one very satisfied pug who is ready to nap!

I also have a ten-day immune boost I do on the rare occasion my dog gets sick ie runny nose or when my first puggy developed puppy warts. Dropperful of Echinacea w/golden seal, dropperful of acidophilus, 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar…mix it in with each meal!


Trader Joes:

Turkey 6.29 for 2 pounds using 8 pounds      $25
Beef 2.49 for 2 pounds using 8 pounds         $20
Organic Spinach (one bag)                            $2
Organic Carrots     (one bag)                         $2
Organic Zucchini (5 zukes)                            $2
Organic String Beans    (one pound)             $3
Organic sweet potatoes                                 $4
Organic Broccoli (one head)                          $2

Whole Foods:

Organic Kale (3 heads)                                 $6
Dried Kelp Seaweed                                     $5

Whiskers Holistic Petcare                       

Powdered Calcium                                      

So ladies and gentlemen first time around assuming you have the kitchen accoutrement's it will cost ya $90 bux for six weeks of dog food however next 3-6 rounds it will only run ya about $65 soo hello isn’t your four legged soul mate worth $11 buckaroo’s a week for the healthiest diet ever!           

I wanna give credz where credz is due..years ago my then gf developed a very similar recipe for our pug, Ozzy Labeija. I did some more research and made it my own for my one eyed pirate pug, Sunny Masterson and now for Mister Booty Cakes Misagal.