When I was a teen trapped liked a wild monkey in the rural hills of Vermont I was desperate for entertainment and travel. Neither were an option. I mean hello we only got Cosby Show, just Macgyver. Gross. The most travel I did was to my one of my best friends homes where we would be glued to MTV and HBO; that is, if we weren't embroiled in a big prank fone calling session. (I was a really good prank fone caller, I took it to the limit)  Just driving off the mountain to town was a big whoop, therefore my aches for California or England were def not going to be soothed. Sooooo I entertained myself and travelled extensively using just my rich imagination within the four walls of my small pink bedroom; decorated with an aqua green mini boom box, ceramic unicorns, 4ft tall wine cooler cardboard cutouts and James Dean posters. First, I would sneak into my younger sisters room to pilfer thru her belongings; the prize being her four cassette tapes displayed in front of her boombox. One of them was Wham! and that felt upbeat yet somehow English. With the noiseless stealth of Cybil Shepard on Moonlighting (another ABC show) I would slip the cassette sans case into my hand; before I slid out of her room I would lay a pair of tweezers on her vanity. You see, my little sister was rocking thick, gorgeous brows which at the time, I thought was unforgivable and really pushed her to tweeze them into thin commas or something moderne like that.  I thought the tweezers were a nice subtle-bossy-loving-controlling- big sister slash do it or you will never be popular suggestion. Side note, I tweezed mine into oblivion when Drew Barrymore appeared on the cover of Interview Magazine circa 92/93 ish with three stray hairs for brows . They never grew back. Ever. Now of course, I am sick with jealousy over my sister's brows. As everyone knows, I would kill for a brow.
Anyhooze, back in my room with my sisters Wham! cassette playing I would make outfits and characters to go with them. Perhaps I would belt my ankle length floral printed, flannel nightgown, put on some hot pink gloss and stare into my mirror transforming myself into say a waitress in New York City who has been jilted by a lover and now that lover is on a date and seated at one of her tables.  Or maybe I would work out the look of THEE girl to appear in a Bon Jovi music video…the kind of girl that would be noticed by Jon Bon Jovi or Richie Sambora in the front row of their concert and pull her up on stage to sing their hit, "Never Say Goodbye." Live. In concert. With them. And no session would be complete without a funeral outfit complete with real tears streaming down my 14 year old face. It was after all an era of older teens driving off the road drunk, football players killing themselves and kidnappings; therefore, I wanted to be prepared both emotionally and fashionably.
Anyway, long after I ran away from home and not so long after I graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, I was living in the East Village in New York City. My look was part rave, part vintage, part heroin chic. I was asked to model in a fashion shoot that took place in an abandoned, unheated garage on Ave B which at the time was a dangerous and exciting aka glamorous. As you read this blog a luxury hi rise complete with a Duane Reade pharmacy superstore is now located level now stands where the the abandoned garage once was.
On the shoot I literally said to the wardrobe stylist; "Wait this is a job? You pick out outfits? Omigod I spent my childhood being grounded and locked in my room making outfits."
The next week I began calling myself A Stylist and started doing test shoots with new models and friends on east village roofs and apartments and in front of doorways. My first editorial ever was for Project X magazine, a publication that featured all the downtown darlings/club kids as models and icons and columnist.
These days I am a catalog queen. I get a professional boner from working with a brands identity and creating looks to sell sell sell to their consumer. And about six times I year I do a gorg editorial for a fashion mag…here are some of my faves from the last two years and the inspiration behind them.

The Cassie Shoot….The mag asked us what inspired the visuals for this shoot and the answer was music…LA Roux's, Bulletproof and Heartbeats by The Knife. If you put the lyrics of those two songs together it describes the girl I created visually. The melodies make you feel beyond cool and a touch wistful, like you learned everything you need to know thru heartbreak.

The Charo Shoot…I love American Fashion ala Jcrew. I love how quite literally everyone from all class and education levels, cultural backgrounds and gender and sexual identities wears denim. This is my take everyday cool.

The Stacy Shoot…quite simply I had wanted to shoot someone fully clothed in a running shower for a hundred billion years. I feel she looks dead sexy and beyond cool…do you wanna fuck her or be her.

The GiGi Shoot….My idea was to shoot GiGi as baby Cindy Crawford but with a Fashion Blog aesthetic. Also with a touch of: it's now, she shops at urban outfitters and she is the prettiest girl in her town about to enter a modeling contest  and these are the pix for the contest.

The Tomboy Shoot…fave fave fave fave fave. Did I mention it's my fave? I am a tomboy and there are no amazing clothes. I should design a collection. Basically I wanted to do a shoot, again using classic never go out of style pieces in a tomboy way…this is how I love to see girls dress. Don't get me wrong I love me some Carrie Bradshaw but Tomboy is sexyintelliegencewelltravelledchic.

Funny thing is this as a child I was acting, singing and styling and as an adult I have pursued, enjoyed and made some gorgeous Benjamin's doing those three as well!

Galadriel Masterson is a 15 year plus veteran in the world of freelance fashion styling. Galadriel is represented by Ford Models and Artists in NYC.