hello bonjour

When I was a child I lived deep in the hills of rural Vermont. We lived in a dilapidated old farmhouse on the kind of dirt road where if someone actually drove by we all run to the window to see who it was and if they had Vermont or out of state plates.
I used to open my bedroom window and sing pop hits from the 80's ie Thompson Twins in hopes that maybe maybe some big record producer from New York, London or LA would just happen to be driving by and hear my voice and say, my god that child's talent is undeniable let me go knock on the kitchen door business card in hand and declare I must make her into the biggest star in the world. And then my life would begin a whirlwind of photo shoots, recording sessions and tours and parts in movies just like Cher was doing at that time. (think of her in that infamous outfit and then in the movie mask wowzer)
Anyhooshal, the producer didn't turn up in rural Vermont so instead I moved to New York at the tender age of 18 where I studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. I grew bored of acting and fell into working in fashion and had an incredible time travelling the world and working with sick clients like Tom Ford when he was at Gucci. However, I was still that teen singing out the window so I started a band. What an amazing ten year ride I had…my gawd the people I met, the stories, the creativity, the laughter and the hard work beyond hard work. Here is the music video that Pink directed for my band Pretty Boys. I love this song, Hello Bonjour. We won a huge contest by beating out two other girl bands thru Glamour Magazines readers votes. Then Nissan gave Pink's production team 100g and they made our video.

I retired from music two years ago. These days however I do love to sing my heart out on set while styling fashion editorial and Amercian catalogs.